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Dr. Zolper Featured in Two Stories in The Morning Sentinel

Balloon kyphoplasty providing support for fractured vertebra

Balloon kyphoplasty can be done in about an hour, under local or general anesthesia, according to Dr. Ben Zolper, of Northeast Pain Management in Bangor, who pioneered the use of the procedure in the state.

In balloon kyphoplasty, a small incision is made on either side of the spine, and tubes are inserted into the spongy material inside the fractured vertebra.

“It leaves two small nicks in the back that are covered by a Band-Aid,” said Zolper.

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St. Albans woman, 78, overcomes a broken back

When Marjorie Weeman’s husband died 25 years ago, amid the grieving, she found an unexpected silver lining.

“The funny part of it is, when he was alive, I never had a chance to enjoy the outside,” Weeman, now 78, said last week, watching through a large window as a strong, wet wind shook a tree in her front yard.

Weeman, one of millions of women who suffer from osteoporosis, underwent an innovative spinal surgery in an effort to correct a painful back injury she suffered earlier this year.

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