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Changing the Face of Pain: MAINE Healthcare Profiles

Copy of Maine Healthcare ProfileNorthern Maine offers a breathtaking wilderness, but when it’s pain that takes your breath away, you don’t want to explore unknown territory. You want the best care, delivered by the most experienced pain management specialists you can find.

You want Northeast Pain Management, where all of our board-certified Interventional Pain Physicians specialize in interventional treatments and minimally invasive surgeries that bring relief from painful disorders.

At Northeast Pain Management, you won’t wait months for a consultation. You’ll be seen promptly and treated without delay in an environment that is more personable and more economical than what you might find in other clinical settings.

Spine pain? Send it back!

While this busy practice treats many types of pain, a majority of patients seek the expertise at Northeast Pain Management for spine pain from degenerative arthritis to herniated discs, to spinal compression fractures.

One leading-edge procedure, kyphoplasty, offers a minimally invasive way to restore height and relieve the pain caused by a vertebral compression fracture. These often result from progressive osteoporosis.

During kyphoplasty, a slender, hollow instrument guides a surgical balloon into the fractured vertebra. The balloon is inflated to restore the bone to its original height. The balloon is removed and bone cement is then delivered to the cavity left by the balloon, stabilizing the fracture. Immediate pain relief can be achieved.

Stimulate some action

“For patients who have unrelenting pain in an arm or leg despite a complete interventional workup, a spinal cord stimulator is sometimes the best solution,” Dr. Zolper informs.

This implantable medical device delivers precisely calibrated electrical impulses to the spinal cord. These replace the pain signals of the pain-generating nerve, delivering an analgesic effect that effectively overrides discomfort.

“We don’t give up on our patients with persistent pain,” assures Dr. Zolper. “We find solutions for them. It’s probably that determination that explains why some patients travel four hours or more to come for our care.”

Don’t live with pain! Call your primary care doctor to see if an appointment is right for you.

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