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    Specializing in leading-edge pain management procedures guided by x-rays or ultrasound

Back pain

Back Pain

Learn about kyphoplasty, a leading edge procedure that can resture height and relieve the pain caused by vertebral compression fracture.

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Knee brace

Knee Pain

Northeast Pain Management ultizes the most advanced combinations of treatments for eliminating or reducing knee pain fast.

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Ultrasound of the knee


Learn about the unique advantages of ultrasound technology for your treatment at Northeast Pain Management.

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About Northeast Pain Management

Northeast Pain Management specializes in treating painful spinal, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions with leading edge procedures guided by x-rays or ultrasound to precise locations. We offer cutting edge treatments such as Kyphoplasty for vertebral compression fractures, Hyalgan for an FDA approved treatment of knee arthritis, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) for treatment of athletic injuries.

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In the News

Balance Test


Are you or a loved one dizzy, unsteady, or afraid of falling? There are many reasons why someone may feel this way but frequently it is a problem within the inner ear. Because the inner ear is complex, before treatment can be performed testing needs to be done to identify the exact cause of the dizziness. Northeast Pain Management now has a nationally recognized 45 minute non invasive test that can help.


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Northeast Pain Management

1365 Broadway, Bangor, ME 04401
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(207) 942-6226

1365 Broadway
Bangor, ME 04401

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